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Fruli Strawberry Beer is back in stock!!! Yipeee

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It took months to track it down again, but at last we have Fruli Strawberry Beer back in stock. This is a wheat beer made with real strawberry juice. It's very sweet, much more so that the cherry and raspberry beers. It's bascially alcoholic strawberry juice.

Unfortunately I can't find a decent link to it :(

It's very unbeery tasting and more akin to a quality alchopop. Used to go down a bomb :cheers:

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Amzing stuff. How much are you selling it for?

Normal price is 2.60, and that is the most anyone has to pay for it. It's discounted most week days and heavily discounted on Wednesdays (like all the other good drinks). Students get 10% off it at all times. I'm guessing that a student on a Wednesday would probably get change from 2.00, but would have to check that. This makes the cheapest of the fruit beers.

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