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ati radeon igp 345m drivers

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ATI and sony are gits.

ATI say that the responsibility for maintaining drivers on laptops lays with the manufacturer and sony are just shit. I can't find any decent drivers for this card and its really annoying. The card is better than the one in my PC but it wont play anything because everything says the driver is shit. I tried the omega drivers but other than making call of duty look pretty it doesn't help my problem when loading any half life software, so no CS Source for me, and I don't fancy buying battlefield 2 until I get this thing sorted out.

Anyone know a way around this?

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kind of worked. Got the drivers installed, apparently, but the same irql errors. On second thought i'm not sure it's a graphics card problem, it wont run hl in software mode either.

I can't find any conflicts in the irq profiles either though. GRRRRR

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