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Webcast Music Show from Edinburgh 9th of November 10:30 GMT

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Webcast Show from Edinburgh 9th of November 10:30 GMT


This Week 9th of November 2005 10:30 GMT

Los Agustito -Side Project of The Kinkies

and Matthew McVarish - solo artist

Plus 2 more act unconfirmed

Contact me peter@showstreams.com for a slot on our forthcoming shows

Heres the promo blurp:

The Left Bank Live Project is the UKs first interactive WebTV Show broadcasting

cutting edge internet video experiences from the heart of the UK and Scotlands

independent music scene, LIVE, twice a month (www.leftbanklive.com).

The LBL show goes out live every second week from the Left Bank venue, off Guthrie

street in Edinburgh city centre. The show starts at 9pm and lasts 3 hours. Live

performances are shot with 3-4 cameras and mixed live by an editor operating a hardware

video mixer. The video editor, and camera operators are kept in contact using radio

headsets. Interviews with performers and the audience are carried out with a roaming

camera that can film from outside the venue using a wireless link. Additional content such

as short animations, interviews, reports, interstitials, adverts etc are also cut into the video

edit by the live editor. The broadcast is encoded by an on-site Windows Media Encoder

that takes the feed from the video mixer, relays it to a number or geographically separated

servers that then redistribute the signal to the thousands of viewers watching online. A PC

terminal at the venue is operated by a member of the crew that manages the

communication between online viewers and the event......

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