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Drummonds 03/11.At Long Last,The Planeteers.The Boring Ending,The.Shotgun.Love.Affair

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Who was all there?

What you think of bands?

I thought it was a good night,nice turn out and good atmosphere.

I thought The Boring Ending played well,couldn't help the tech problems the guitarist had.Im sure there will be better nights.

Give it up for there song "mince"

The Planeteers,first time i have seen them.Love the costumes,pennywise cover was amazing.They do what they do.

The.Shotgun.Love.Affair,i was happy with our performance.

At Long Last were on top form,by the second song they were rolling.Love the new tune "Stick With Me Kid" its a mover.Everyone should go check them out.

Taylor XXX

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thought it was a great atmosphere. I was in a very merry mood and had a good boogie to all the other bands (pyramids, ho downs, yoga boxing etc). I thought the Pennywise bit was the worst part of our set cos someone in the band didnt play it fast enough :p (not me, id given up on playin guitar altogether by this point haha). but yeah that was best shotgun and boring ending had sounded. first time id seen at long last and was proper impressed.

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