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Guest Logan

Spider-Man 3 villain revealed...

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Guest Logan


Thomas Hayden Church is Flint Marko aka Sandman


I'm looking forward to seeing some FX shots of how he's going to work, plus I'm interested to see what they'll make his origin like on film.

Now I want to see pictures of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock aka VENOM!! ^_^

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Guest Logan

They're looking for a May - July slot in 2007.

Yes, Venom aka Eddie Brock is in this movie. He will be played by That 70's Show actor Topher Grace.

thopergraceNT_.jpg (I think they're going for a sort of Anti-Tobey Maguire thing)

No, it's not him from George of the Jungle, that was Brendan Fraser who was in The Mummy.


Thomas Hayden Church was in the award winning independant movie Sideways.


Everyone get answered there? :p

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