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Punk drummer needs a band

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aye lads

needing a thrash (punk/ska/mod)

NOFX/distillers/rancid/clash/ramones/misfits/dead kennedys/damned/sublime/blink/whitmore/madness/the specials/the jam/the who/ordinary boys are only some of my influences

i wanna do covers, write songs, whatever. i need a good thrash, and punk, ska and mod musicians are very hard to come by these days, seemingly anyway.

please reply if you are in the slightest bit interested in playing in a band that will be energetic/fast/loud and offensive, with a bit of reggae/soul on the side

i want brass/guitars/bass/even another drummer who i could step down to and i could sing.

anyone can sing punk, right?

i need something serious going guys, help me.



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