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tyrant lizard kings

help needed!

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alright you crazy kids of that rock n' roll monster that is aberdeen...the tyrant lizard kings are needing your help.

firstly, we are trying to get in contact with sharon, the old promoter from drakes. apparently she lost her phone and now we cant get in touch. so if sharon is reading this, or anyone who knows of a contact for her is reading this, please forward it to us asap via our website - www.tyrantlizardkings.com , or to our email address - thetyrantlizardkings@yahoo.co.uk

secondly, a contact for karloff is required...again, if anyone can help, please forward info to the above addresses.

well, cheers for now and look out for our debut album which will be hitting the shops just in time for christmas!

rock n' roll motherfuckers...graeme tyrant

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