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radio you want and need

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listen at half six to the moin show tonight thursday

M.O.I.N fm--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

massive or inverted nipple

Just an advertisment or our local rock show if you interested tune in round about half 6 to 7 tonight we will be on for an hour and a half. its an internet radio for the now, so have a listen and tell me what you think, we have been granted a licence and will be brodcasting on an fm frequency in febuary, those within a 5k radius of the station house in woodside will be able to tune in,

listen to it here, you may have to download winamp

click on radio tab to start listening cheers

send the show e-mails while on air at moinfm@freeuk.com

we are also looking to get local bands to send us demos, or interveiw you on the air if you and your band mates are interested, please e-mail the show,

click here to listen


cheers paul

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just checked with the web masters you cant listen to it through the website just now there are some maintenence getting done to it

but if you put the link whick i will provide before we go on air in this thread AT ABOUT 6 TO 6.30 TONIGHT. the link will have to be entered into your media player to be able to listen to the live streaming

cheers paul

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