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Violinists needed for String Orchestra

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Aberdeen Youth String Ensemble is an orchestra which has acheived much in its 7 year history, having begun as part of the Aberdeen Music Centre, it has branched out over the years to do concerts in Dundee, Edinburgh and also London (at the South Bank Centre in 2003, as part of Music for Youth, the only Scottish group to get through).

Unfortunately, it is suffering from a distinct lack of violinists, and the future of the orchestra is in question because of this. This orchestra has achieved so much, and it would be terrible to waste the potential of young string players if it were not functioning.

The orchestra meets on Wednesdays at Summerhill Education Centre at half 4-half 6 in the evenings. We are looking for mainly violinists (but oboists, violists and cellists would also be welcome!), preferably of about Grade 6 standard, and as it is still a Youth Orchestra it'd be folk under about 25 who'd I'm targetting here (although we could certainly make exceptions depending on the circumstances).

Concerts would be taking place from February-June, with rehearsals during the school terms.

If anyone is interested then please PM me, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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