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1st Halloween DOWN in The Tunnels

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interesting music present their Halloween Special, which will

scare even the most ardent Halloween reveller

The Tunnels

Mon 31st Oct 05

Doors 8pm

Entrance 5

not many TRICKS but lots of TREATS

live performance by the very cool alll girl to woman band

The Peppermints (paw tracks) (US)


THE PEPPERMINTS are an all-grrrrl trio from Bonsall, California

(world avocado capital, no less!) who according to their own words

play "experimental barfy trash-rock." Their new album 'Jess Chryst'

is out on the Animal Collective's label PAW TRACKS RECORDS.

From David Bowie himself

"Embracing the abstract exploration of subconscious that the Animal

Collective have brought to pop and bringing a thunderous, screechful,

rock n'roll soul to the Paw Tracks catalogue to boot."


"Jess Chryst is an awkward listen that will be to very few

people's taste. But in a time where the order of the day is the polished

and false, some sticky, "fecal matter and lube" is just the oddly 'minty

fresh repost that we so clearly need." - Luke Turner (Playlouder.com)

"This is the album you buy in order to make your square parents piss

themselves in surprise. No longer can the punk of today match the

enthusiasm and creative spark of yesteryear, but bands like the

Peppermints have taken that spirit and buried it in noise and musical

explosions...the most unabashed piece of rock filth on the market

tody." (bigyawn.com)

plus NE's own mighty ghoulband


plus surprises which stay surprises to all but those who attend

but will be special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Ghoulmaster

Prize for best dressed HALLOWEEN themed Male & Female

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i'm going to haunt this place tonight, hope the peppermints cd is for sale

the sound clips are fantastic, have still to see PVH, but have been told they are

great live

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