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Bassist looking for band

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I'm 16 years old been playing bass for just about 3 years. I have all the equipment for me including 180 watt bass amp ready for gigging. I previously played in a cover band that was commented by some dude from the lemon tree as very good but the drummer left.

I'm looking to start/join a band who are wanting to write music and play gigs in Aberdeen. Although i live out of town (in methlick the middle of no where) i could easily get into town.

my influences are: The Who, The Beatles, The Jam, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Muse, Queens of the Stone age, The Rolling stones, the sex pistols, bob marley, the clash, the stokes, the coral.... the list goes on

i would like to be in basically any band that is serious in writing and playing music and trying to achieve a good reputation. I would be especially interested in a reggae or mod/punk band but im not too bothered as i like a bit of every kind of music.

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