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Small Enclosed Area hibernate in Germany....

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.... in a sense.

Our guitarist Blair has moved to Germany for the next 6months, and so we won't be playing these fine Scottish shores until after he returns.

However, we are currently working on a German tour for the start of the year, our moustaches are in well underway. We have also recorded and mixed 5 new tracks, but currently the only way you'll hear them is by pestering the DJ in Moshulu's back room on a fri nite, as Maxi is the one of the only Aberdonian's to currently own a copy.

There's a mountain of new ideas and riffs that are taking us forward in a new, more atmospheric direction. Lots of drop B tuning's and the like, being kicked around by some of the most complex rhythm changes we've come up with. This is the most fun the band have had in years, and its being reflected a lot in this new direction we're going. Think Pelican/Explosions in the sky meets Eska/Stapleton

Come check us out next year,

Embrace our Hasslehoff influences...


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Kicking the Tool/Incubus comparisons in to touch then?

we did that many moons ago. I genuinly don't think we've had any riffs/melodies/rhythms that are even close to being influenced by Tool/Incubus for about 2 years

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