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computer genius wanted


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i recently bought an old laptop, (its really old, like a 128mhz) just for running vst host on. i got a copy of windows 95 but vst host wont run in it.

so i really really need someone to help me make this computer not suck!

would someone like to rise to the challenge?

: ( would be eternally greatful! :love:


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actually, we've run the programme in similar laptops and it works fine. we know the software and what it will run on, its just getting the computer to run the software that we're having trouble with, hence us asking for someone who knows more about computers.

so smart arse know it all comments are unnecessary!

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You could just try chucking windows 98SE on the thing and see if that'll help.

Especially if its not Win95OEM2 you're running. There was a lot of development after the initial release of Windows95 that, as a result, meant that newer programs often wouldn't be compatible with the original releases, or would require patches/drivers to be installed.

For example, the original 95 did not support USB and certain other hardware, this was only brought in with OEM2. I also notice that there are a lot of programs on the market which are only rated for Windows as far back as 98, despite being pretty similar to 95 when it was first released. Also, the initial release of 98 was pretty shambolic if I remember correctly, which is why 98SE is the only incarnation of pre-2k windows you see anyone using these days.

Copies of 98SE are...not exactly hard to 'aquire', most computer-savvy people will be able to get you hooked up.

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