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My holydays

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lo peeps ithis is my second day of my holydays and i have to admit that it was good, but compared to yesterda it was fantastic.

here a summary of what happened the day i left aberdeen to go to my parents in italy, please dont laugh to much or you will pee yourself

ok it all started with the fact that i havent slep at all during the night between the 25th and the 26th because my taxy was at 4 in the morning for my 6:20 flight

so i was in aberdeen airport in my zombified self listening to a collection of metal and drum and bass to keep me mildly awake, when at 5:40 the check in finally opens, and a bitch jumped in front in the cue but i was too stupefied to react (but i had a small revenge when one of her luggage fell on her foot).

So my turn to be "helped" by the check in lady finally arrives, to discover that all the computers are down and she cant check mi luggage in and ihave to accept this little orange card covered in bad writing as a substitute for the boarding pass.

so i drop my backpack at the big bags door, and walk towards the gates when i suddenly realised that i am royally fooked, because i ill have to collect my stuff in paris and re-check in there for my second flight second flight to italy.

...but its all right i have 1:20 hours between flights i will make it....

so i get on the plane and wait half an hour for it to get a move, very well done i am allready late. so i arive in paris where out of 5 airport assistants only 1 speeks a really bad version of englishand it takes me 5 mins to get them to understand my problem. so they told me to get through the passport gate collect my stuff and go to the D section (which was half a mile away).

so i do that but as soon as i hand in my passport to the police officer i thought: "oh shit! the guy thinks i am a fucking thug" and so he did; for 5 minutes he kept looking at my face (noting the fact that i was sleep deprived, worried, pissed off and in a real hurry) and the passport to than decide that he should punch my veri long name in the pc to get the fact that i am an upstanding european citisen. so i run at the baggage convayorbelt and off corse my stuff was the last through.... its all right dispite the fact that i landed half an hour late and i spent 15 mins arriving in paris i still had half an hour if i hurry i can still make it.

but i didnt take in to account the 3 very bored gards at the custom, so with my above described face they too think i am a thug rying to smuggle some form of drugs in to their lovely and clean country so the ask me for 10 times, and i repeat 10 times, if i had anything to declare, ignoring my pleads for hurry because of my connection. so i run, leaving a series of angry and disgruntled peapole in my wake and fially arrive with 15 minutes to spare to the help desk which takes its time to check what flight i was supposed to be on (noting that i gave her my tiket) so i wated there 6 hours to get on a god damn plane and taking 12 hours to do a trip that should have taken 5.

i personally think is ery funny and please dont comment on grammar/spelling mistake because that isnt funny at all

cheeers stay metal


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