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Awesome illusion

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On a close-up view, you can see on the left face, an angry man and on the right face, a woman with a neutral facial emotion. But further back, the faces change expression and even genders! if you squint, blink, or defocus, an angry man should substitute for the face of the woman and the left angry face should not be angry anymore.

This impressive illusion created by Dr. Aude Oliva and Dr. Philippe Schyns, illustrates the ability of the visual system to separate information coming from different spatial frequency channels. In the right image, high Spatial Frequencies (HSF) represent a woman w69, 243-ith a neutral facial expression, mixed with the low spatial frequency information from the face of an angry man.

The above two ambiguous faces, termed hybrid faces, are published in the journal Cognition, 69, 243-265, 1999. Elsever publisher

Don't think about it too much, just look at it again from a couple of metres back. Pretty weird...

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That's brilliant!! As I child, my Dad and I often sat together and read books about optical illusions and as a result I can see all these sorts of things really easily. I also manage to see things in fabric patterns and wallpaper and it freaks me out.

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