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beavers back in the wild!


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Guest MerryChristmas
Anal Gland Secretions


Sorry - to the person who private messaged me about this being racist I do so apologise for using the word "nigger" in part of a word

I do hope you can accept my most humble of apologies.

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quite right' date=' I think there should be more beaver in the wild.

I heard the forestry commission were opposed to it, as they might dent their profits (no, "they 'harm the landscape' "...no, I think you'll find that's the forestry commissions job.[/quote']

there is a campaign seperate from what happened today trying to get beavers reintroduced to the west of scotland. there have been numerous reports that european beavers are very effective land managers as oppose to their perhaps more destructive american cousins. though personally i think either one would be beneficial to scotlands image as a wildlife tourist destination and would boost the economy no end, same with wolves. though i can understand the nfu's obvious concerns about the wolves. there would have to be some kind of compromise there i think, or some kind of scheme where farmers and landowners are trained to get the most out of the wildlife on and around their lands. building hides, viewpoints and information posts for instance.

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Yes' date=' 100% serious, I wont give out the name - yet [/quote']

if you do, yo be ma nigga, my homie fow a year. word.

(I is allowed to say dat, as I is black (<<< see picture))

now...where is that emoticon that shows "I am trying to be funny here, if you don't quite get it, you are obviously stupid, new get off the internet and get some people skills...you twat"

ho ho

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Guest Neubeatz
Hey' date=' get back to the point. That is good news. Id love to see the reintroduction of wolves to Scotland. It would help solve the problem of growing red deer numbers as well as making Scotland more attractive to tourists. Amazing animals.[/quote']

Yes, might help to counter balance all the flies and sharks too ;)

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