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New York


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i'd email these people if I were you - http://www.bigapplegreeter.org/

it's a free service & someone will take you around one morning & show you the sites & the places you may not otherwise go.

I've been a couple of times to NYC & I found this to be much better than the hop-on, hop-off tour buses.

Eating & shopping aren't a problem - you'll be overwhelmed by both.

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Cool thanks. I really want to go to the Natural History Museum and see all the dinosaurs but I think my Mum and sisters will probably care about 0%. I'll have to fight them!

to be honest, you'd be better doing that than going shopping.

empire state building is worth going up - but the queues are massive & you could be there a few hours only to get to the top & be done in half an hour.

don't bother going up the statue of liberty but catch the Staten Island ferry from Battery park (it's free again) & you'll sail right past it.

It's worth crossing the Brooklyn Bridge as well - just for the view of Manhatten.

Ground Zero is quite unnerving but poignant.

Go to central park - Strawberry Fields especially if you're a music fan.

You'll probably not leave Manahatten in four days - there's just so much to see & do. I'd strongly recommend getting a week pass for the Subway (only $21) as you can travel where you want, when you want. Don't bother with taxis - it'll cost a fortune.

Make sure you read a guide book or two before you go - it's amazing the sites you'll just wander by without realising.

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you'll love all the stores on the side streets around NYU. Just take a day and explore Greenwich Village, because there's loadsa vintage stores and cute local designer shops. try and find Betsey Johnson (somewhere around Greenwich Village) and Barney's NY which is in the East Village I believe, although it's been years since I've been. Barney's is a must see, even if it may be too expensive for purchases. Just ask any well-dressed woman for directions.

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I thought Soho area was quite good for shopping when I was there, some cool shops there. I just did one day where I got the subway to chinatown and just walked from there through little italy, soho etc. back to times square, that was quite cool cos you just saw places to go to while you were walking along. You're prob best doing battery park at the same time as ground zero cos its quite close and thats where you get the staten island ferry from. From there you can go up to wall street and on the other side of wall street there's a big shopping area on the docks I think it is altho I can't remember what its called.

Oh, and for breakfast I always used to go to this cool italian place on 7th avenue I think (the one along from broadway) between 45th and 47th street - sorry for being vague but I can't remember exactly where! But I'm sure you'll find lpenty other places - there's so much around.

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Yes, the subway pass is a great idea (just remember that some of the trains are express ones and don't do all the stops, this has happened to me several times, the last time was on the day i was rushing back to the hotel before heading out to the airport, instead of going to 96th street i ended up at 145th. Oh and if you get the subway to the airport be careful, there are 2 A trains, and yes i got the wrong one, its a good job i'd left heaps of time to get there.)

And the Brooklyn Bridge is worth walking across (wear comfy shoes though!). We walked over just as the sun was going down so got sunny views on the way over and sparkly lights and great night views on the way back.

You could go see the Intrepid Air & Space museum too, i spent a while going round it looking at all the stuff. And if you like rides n' stuff there was a flight simulator in there that you got to control (was a great laugh just doing lots of loops and spins)

If you've got the money you could do a helicopter ride (best to book in advance though). And if you want to see anything by boat do the Beast speedboat tour, a half hour trip down to the Statue of Lib and back, great if you haven't hours to spend on a slow cruise boat.

The NBC Studio Tour is also good, and keep your eyes peeled for film crews. Saw a film being made one day, didn't spot any famous people though.

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I would second the Brooklyn Bridge and the Staten Island Ferry as the best freebies I've ever had...brilliant views. I also enjoyed Radio City (got my photo with a Rockette!), the Empire State (short queue for some reason...I think it was early on a Tuesday), Coney Island (great if you like hot-dogs and long beaches), the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Circle Line boat tour (if time permits), the carousel in Central Park (pretend you're Holden Caulfield!). No doubt you'll find loads of other things just by wandering about.

If you're out at night there are lots of good music venues in the East Village (also got McSorley's ...New York's oldest pub). I liked Tonic, the Mercury Lounge, Cake Shop etc

If you're a fan of salami (or 'When Harry met Sally') you'll enjoy Katz's Deli.

Wish I was going!!!!!!!

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Hire bikes and cycle round Central Park, then go for a drink in the Tavern on The Green.

Go to Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square and go up the futuristic pod lifts to the revolving restauarant. Might have to queue. They had a very reasonably priced buffet as well.

The best thing I did was stand on top of the Twin Towers and look down on it all. Pleased to have done it but still so sad I can't do it again.

It's great to get up early, which you will, becasue of adrenalin and jet lag ,especially when the light is good and just wander around.

Stand in the middle of Grand Central Station.

Visit Madison Square Garden for an interesting tour.

Carnegies (?) Deli

Diners of any type.

Take the boat across the Hudson and the train back, or vice versa, for a different perspective across Manhattan.

And after all these suggestions, go for a month!

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reading all these posts is making me ache to go back, I was there for a week a few years back and didn't get the chance to do half of this. Heck, you could probably live there your whole life and never see it all.

About the Empire State Building, i think you can buy tickets in advance for a certain time and then beat the queues. It won't be empty but you won't have to wait as long.

You have to go to MoMA, it's amazing and the Museum of Photography has some great exhibitions.

Central Park - see if you can find the one place in it that is so surrounded in trees that you can't see any buildings because it's really lovely and plus you'll recognise it from heaps of films.

Ice Skating at Rockefeller (which i spelt wrong, i know) Centre!

Ooo! And there's an awesome kitsch shop near the library, perfect for wee presents for folk, you won't see anywhere else. I forget the name but I'm nearly positive it's opposite the main library.

You're so lucky! I wanna go back!

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Guest DustyDeviada

It's a bit long, but here's a list of bars and stuff that a friend of mine put together before we went, some good bars and stuff:


www.sheckys.com Fab website, complete bar listing. Must have website for trip!

Lemongrass Grill (80 University Place, between 11th / 12th just off union square)

Area: Greenwich Village

Fab thai restaurant if youre in the area, no need to reserve, great food, great prices.

Caf Habana 17 Prince St (Prince / Elizabeth)

Area: Soho

Nice relaxed, chilled place to eat brunch, have a drink. Very small, very new york.

Wo Hip 17 Mott St (Start at Canal, turn on to Mott, start walking)

Area: Chinatown

You go downstairs, doesnt look that terrific, best/cheapest Chinese in Chinatown by far

Tribeca Grill (375 Greenwich St between

Phone: (212) 941-3900

Area: Greenwich Village

Bit more expensive but still casual dining (entres $15-25) but well worth it you may even spy Mr DeNiro. Phone and book a table.

Joshua Tree (366 W 46th Street between 8th & 9th)

Area: Times Square / Hells Kitchen

Great place for casual evening meal. Really superb food, great prices

*** There is a great Thai restaurant next door which is equally as superb for evening meal / late lunch / whatever. ****

Coffee Shop (29 Union Square West)

Area: Union Square

Ace Bar, good cocktails, definitely try a pina colada and great for food if you need feeding! This is a must!

Sea Thai Bistro (114 N 6th Street, Brooklyn)

Cross Street: Berry and Wythe Streets

Phone: (718) 384-8850

A must!

Get the L train from 14th / Union Square to Bedford Ave (in Brooklyn) and then exit Bedford Avenue. Walk down Bedford (towards water) until you hit 6th street, and then go right.

Tavern on the green (Central Park W / 67th Street)

Phone: (212) 873-3200 call for a reservation if you plan on dining here.

In Central Park, bit pricey (entree $15-25) but worth it for the experience of good food, perfect setting. Not dressy but wear a shirt!

Woo Lae Oak (148 Mercer St, Between Prince and Houston)

Area: Soho

Drinks and decor are both super-sexy! this is what a sat night in nyc is all about

Korean Restaurant dont let that put you off this place is another MUST!

40/40 Club (6 W 25th Street @ Broadway)

Area: Flatiron

Go here for Sunday champagne brunch!

No gym clothes, even though its quite sporty inside.

Tortilla Flats (767 Washington Street, on the corner of W 12th)

Area: Greenwich Village

Very cool Mexican restaurant, excellent food, very cheap.

Puck Fair (298 Lafayette St)

Area: Soho

This is a fantastic bar (irish) that sells toasties and fries. THE place to go if youre in SoHo shopping, which I hope you are. Its just a few doors up from Triple5Soul by the way.

Bar 13 (35 E. 13th Street)

Area: Just Off Union Square

Great bar / mini club for after meal drinkies, casual but can go with a shirt if you please!

Double Happiness (173 Mott Street)

Area: Little Italy / Mott Street

Ace Bar, good drinks, great little place.

Idlewild (145 E. Houston Street, between 1st & 2nd Ave)

Area: Lower East Side

Terrific bar, just go and see what new york drinking is all about!

Pianos (158 Ludlow Street, between Stanton & Rivington)

Area: Lower East Side

Another terrific bar, casual or dressy, very cool.

The Ritz Carlton, New York, Battery Park (Two West Street)

Area: Financial District

14th Floor Rise Bar

Muchos romantic bar, stunning evening views of the city! Delicious tartinis, bellinis and of course champers! Quintessential new york couples thing to do.

Magnolia Bakery (Bleecker Street)

Area: Greenwich Village

If youre in the village, be absolutely sure to go get a cupcake its new yorks finest even for non cake eaters!!

Empire Diner (210 10th Avenue, between 22nd / 23rd Street)

Area: Chelsea

Very cool American diner, for breakfast and brunches. All black and white!!!!

Serendipity 3 (225 E 60th Street, between 2nd & 3rd)

Area: Upper East Side

If youre in the area, pop in for the infamous hot chocolate, a must have after a nice long walk round the Guggenheim or central park or something!

Tortilla Flats (767 Washington Street, on the corner of W 12th)

Area: Greenwich Village

Very cool Mexican restaurant, excellent food, very cheap.

Blue Note the village

Fat Black Pussycats the village


Eight Mile Creek (if only for the crazy food menu) and absolutely fab drinks somewhere in soho / lower east I think

Hotel Gershwin Bar 

Hotel 60 Thompson Bar - 

(you should look these places up for the addresses)

www.joonbug.com the list is whats in New York for the next few weeks, very clubby stuff if youre interested at all.

Oh, and it's probably still completely sold out, but you should try to get along to see Spamalot, the Broadway musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

They release a limited number of standing tickets every day at 10am, but you have to get there at about 7 to definitely get them.

Downisde: You have to stand

Upside: The tickets are much cheaper than the others ($20), the theaters are really small so you get an ace view anyway, and you actually get to lean on a padded thing at the back of the back row, so it's not really that bad.

But the show was amazing, directed by Mike Nicols of The Graduate fame.

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