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Jim Stax

Staccato Set to play Aberdeen shocker!

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Mystery Lounge Revised

When: Saturday November 26th

Where: Cafe Drummond, Aberdeen 8- till Sunday

Who: staccato set


Lorenzo Snow Collectivce

Little Kicks

Visuals by Siev

DJ's: Andy Bass, J-Stacc, Ziggy Fantastique +

Cost: 3

The return of the Mystery Lounge!

From its Hey day in NYC in the Thirties where ground breaking musical sensibilities rubbed shoulders with the progressive artistic community and formed a thought process bedded deeply in a culture of hedonism, the staccato set rejuvinate their popular underground night some 70yrs later... Expect a mind expanding array of music from all involved and bring dancing shoes!


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will there be a new cd for sale. i've worn out the debut gun ep.

fraid not and you really shouldn't use cd's for coasters! Our new material is coming along nicely though but I will arrange for Ziggy to live in your flat for a few months and wake you each new day with one of his lullaby's...


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im not one for bad language' date=' but that gig will be frickin awesome! dang![/quote']


And may be available for repeat viewing online!

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