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Best/ worst ways to finish with someone


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Originally posted by Stephen:

worst way. recieving email/text bout it

slightly better is fone call

hardest but most honest way

face to face

I completely agree with you..although I know from personal experience, that there can be barriers preventing people to sticking to their own morals...for me, it was a mix between being a long distance away, and thus face to face was almost impossible..

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Originally posted by *Lucy*:

I'd expect emails to be worse than texts although I have never been told that way.

If someone ignores your calls and stands you up do they deserve a text?! (Is that cruel?)

Well ok that might be fine but if you are ending it and it's not because someone has done something bad then you should respect them enough to tell them to their face.

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Haha, if you want to finish with someone who's been a bastard to you then just go for the e-mail/text approach. I guarantee you'll feel good for the next week if you do that. And don't even make it nice

"yo, shithead. you're dumped - I'm afraid you're just too ugly/not cool enough to be seen with me. I'm sorry... Sorry you're such a jerk!"

Send them that ;)

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best txt ever:

"welcome to dumpsville

population - you!"

alternatively, i would get your girlfriend/boyfriend round to your house and also get someone else you'd rather bend it up round, hide the newcomer in your wardrobe and then, when your partner is asleep, nail the other person and spaff in your partners face. then, in the morning, when your partner wonders what's all over their face, say it was the 'you're dumped faries' with their dumping serum

it's a classy way to do it



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Guest The Dark Knight

well I've done both txt and face to face.

and boy does face to face feel better! ^_^

altho I didn't expect to be txted back straight away considering I txted at 3 in the morning. It just so happens she was at a sleep over with friends. Oh how glad am I I've not seen her or her friends since. I'm sure they threatended to have my balls cut off or something....eek!

but doing it face to face in a public place is the best thing for it. It's so theraputic! Makes you feel mightier than the mightiest. Until a few days later when you wish you hadn't....

but meh, it usually works out fine in the end anyways.

still, best way I'd say is just to talk things through. Have one of those deep long conversation where you express your true feelings. Tell your partner the problem and what they can do to sort that, and also ask them if they have a problem with you and if you need to change anything. There's no need for break-ups without reason. I mean, fair enough if they cheat on you, you can let them have it. But if it's just because of a stupid reason, then work on it with your partner and eventually you'll overcome it. At least that's what should happen. I mean, why would you get together with someone if you're just going to dump them? Make it work, talk it out.

and that's the end of that chapter...

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texts are not nice. but sometimes it just happens. if you are texting someone and the conversation heads that way, then you cant really just wait a couple of days til you can see them to do it. me and ryan have split up twice through texts... i hated it the secohnd time. id have much prefered face to face so i could have talk about it more. rather than just getting texts ignored.

now if i ever was to split up with someone i would do it face to face. just because relationships have become more serious to me

and not just childs play of where dumping someone over msn or texts doesnt seem strange

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