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The new Element 106 site


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site looks ok' date=' would be amazing with a stayover link on it tho :p[/quote']

Yep, gonna update the site real soon and have you guys down on my list for the links section also Radio Lucifer, Sundaram Music and The Midnight Noise Collective.

Any other of our friends in local bands who want to be added just let me know. :cheers:

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Guest DustyDeviada
Yeah Im not the best at making sites' date=' any ideas on ways to improve it?[/quote']

Hot chicks.


Maybe the Mothercare "woman" would be up for a spot of modeling?

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the links on the left confuse me' date=' because the writing is nearer the square below it rather than above it, i keep clicking on the wrong box by accident. also i don't like the font "comic sans" and much prefer "courier new". the way the pictures in the "members" section don't QUITE line up is minorly irritating. the photos section could be improved by having equally sized thumbnails that open into a new window.

OTHER than that, i quite like it. light writing on a black background is easier on my eyes.[/quote']

Thanks for your input man, I am not very good at web building so feedback is appreciated :cheers:

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