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Russian Exoricsm

Darth Elvis

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I've heard that before and like when i heard it before for some reason sent a shiver down my spine.

Could be numorous things,not that i am saying this isn't an exorcism.

Could be someone with a cheap tape deck in a hallway playing a tape of a priest saying mass and having someone record and do the screaming.

would have been better with some video footage hahaha

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Jesus Fucking H Christ.that person would make a hell of a death metal/grindcore voclalist. :swearing: that is pretty disturbing actually' date='do you have anymore links to stuff like that?videos would be nice,ah fuck it il just look on google.[/quote']

dont think there is any video for that one.

i found it on google and spent about 20 minutes looking for video. no dice :down:

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Can you imagine if there were a video of this...

Some parents kids has just been possesed by a demonic being and the priest has come round to force gods will apon the child..

Husband ..."Wait wait, before you start father let me just get my Handi-Cam out, get 250 badger for this on You'v Been Framed..."

Wife.."is the red light on?"

Husband.."Yup, good to gone.... exorsism away father.."

N.B In russian accents obviously

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Guest Page 99

That was highly disapointing. I even listened to it again in the dark with headphones on and yet still no dice. It just sounded like somebody shouting and moaing a lot with some chanting behind it... actualy, it's probibly just the early stages of a black metal album being made. Alll they need now is some fuzzed up guitar and a tinny blast beat, and we have a new Darkthrone record.

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