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Aphex Twin Re-Issue


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Rare Aphex Twin EPs to Be Reissued

Kendah El-Ali reports:

For all you freaks and geeks out there who know a thing or two about making (or spending) a dime on eBay with rare vinyl: Sorry, but one of your stocks is about to plummet. The 10-year anniversary re-release of Aphex Twin's experimental double EP Hangable Auto Bulb will be available to the world October 31.

Quietly released on Warp records in a limited edition of only a few thousand, Hangable Auto Bulb was credited to one of Richard D. James' lesser-known monikers, AFX. (Gee, what a clever disguise! Who would ever guess it was Aphex Twin?)

The reissue, which combines Volumes 1 and 2, will be CD-only. So you can still blow wads of cash on the original vinyl.

Hang on to this tracklist and enjoy some of the most sought-after sounds Warp's ever released:

01 Children Talking

02 Hangable Auto Bulb

03 Laughable Butane Bob

04 Bit

05 Custodian Discount

06 Wabby Legs

07 Every Day

08 Attached Maid Via RDJ

Stay tuned for tour dates and a Pitchfork interview. Ha! Just kidding.

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