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Abdn Boys need Your Support !!


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what's the actual point of the site? or is it just a domain name and a copy of php-nuke just waiting for people to use it? there doesn't seem to be any content, or is that coming later? I'd happily register and use the site but I don't really know what the site's for...

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id just like to add that we are in no way trying to steal abdnMusics forum users... if it is seen as wrong plz dont hesitate to delete both these posts but dont ban us from here as tbh here rox.....

The new webby of ours we are simmply wanting to attract a general type of user we want peeps with attitude (but no neds) we want people who dont mind political incorrectness (but no neds) we want you to eventualy enjoy visiting our site on a daily basis to either RANT or simply get the banter

We all from aberdeen and our site isnt elite.. we aint a bumnch of nerds (or neds) well we kinda have 1 ned but he swears after hes sold his nova and burnt his burbery cap hes gonna go straight ........

Oue forums dont have a single musik or bands section so no need to visit if you want booking details or band dates.......HERE is the place for that......

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