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Practical Driving Test

Sam 45

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Guest tv tanned
Awh well done Sam!!!!! Just make sure you phone the insurance company and tell them you've passed cause i didn't and went out driving without insurance by accident. Whoops!


my mate came back offshore and went out in his car.

His insurance had expired the week before, and he didn't realise.

The police stopped him for something, and asked him to bring documentation to the station.

6 month ban

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Spooky just found this thread, and my driving test isn't far off, i to cna't wait to get driving, i am on a misson to piss off all other boyracers, as they do my head in, flying sorry should that be crawling about in their tiny little horrible cubes, can't wait to just harass them all.

Any tips on what to look out for? i.e. idiots that don't signal at roundabouts

Cheers Steve

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You'll need to look out for idiots who go out with the intention of harrassing other drivers............


Not all Drivers, those the boyracers, the ones that go flying past my house with the horrible sounding exhausts, and music so loud the dead can hear it, at like 2 in the morning.

And good sarcastic comeback there, made me laugh.

and besides im bigger than them so i will win.

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