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Aberdeen Bands/ Venues/ Labels Needed!

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Here's the deal -

I've just gone into my Honours year at RGU and I've gotta do a year long specialised project in order to pass. They say it's a good idea to do something that'll hold your interest, and something that could be practical/ of use to others... so my idea was to produce an interactive multimedia showcase (Macromedia Director application) of the Aberdeen rock scene.

Not only do I have a reason to go to gigs and get more involved in the music I love but I get to make something pretty cool out of it at the end.

I really need the help of any local band/ venue/ label willing to be included in my project. Whatever media you can give to my project - biographies, images, audio, video, I'd majorly appreciate it all. All original ownership and copyrights will be given alongside the material, I've got an ethics code to follow (this is damn serious stuff!)

I'd also appreciate recommendations for bands etc. to approach on this! I don't mind size or style, just as long as you're pretty much active on the scene.

Phew... think that's about it. I'm working on a formal agreement for anyone interested - to show I'm not gonna use media for anything other the showcase.

Anyone who's interested please please please get back to me,I need this!

Yours, Vis.

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