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DVDs they haven't released and you just can't work out for the life of you why not...

Alvin Starclusk

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Guest DustyDeviada
Apparantly Ridley is wanting to make alterations to the ending and other parts' date=' but i really don't know what. . .[/quote']

That's Mr Scott to you, boy.

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Tales of the Unexpected is out on the US but not here properly.

Street Hawk

I'mnot sure if its out yet by my all time fave film, The Fisher King wasnt out here for ages, had to get it on US format, and thats an oscar winner.

Manimal :p

Neighbours - wouldnt releasing neighbours boxsets from day 1 make a packet !



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more red dwarf

they have released series 1-6, so i am still waiting on 7/8 to be in the shops. they have been realesing them every six months for the last few years though, series 7 out in november (i have it preordered, since i read the realese date wrongly on the bbc site and thought it was out in september, so promptly ordered it from amazon, it shall be here upon release though)


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