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My Minds Weapon in this months rocksound...

Queen Kong

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"Kill..." review. Page 136:

"The cold has obviously got to these young herberts and the only way to warm up is crank out some crazy metal/hardcore hybrid as they demonstrate on 'kill...' While not totally original - the change from shouting to harmonious vocals is quite obvious these days - there's enough energy and sufficient beatdowns to appease the average gig-goer. They're on tour this month too - so let's see how they fair on the road. I've a sneaky feeling they'll do well."


Darren Saddler

The tour went awesomely well if anyone's interested. Tour diary to follow shortly on www.mymindsweapon.net

Dan (not Heather - I'm too lazy to log out :)

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Just out of interest' date=' how did you go about getting a review in RockSound?[/quote']

We had an agency (S-a-N) send away our Cd along with a bio to various magazines. That's why there was also one in terrorizer, big cheese and various other online sites.

Only had one vaguely negative review so far so it's all good :)

However I'm sure that you can get a review in there by your own means as long as your packaging and presentation (and music!) is professional enough.

Dan (not heather)

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