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Luton airport is approx 30 / 40 miles from London, so you're right, walking isn't a great idea. Taxi would be very expensive, but there's a shuttle bus from airport to Luton Parkway railway station, from where it's a 30 min train ride to London King Cross (about a tenner). You are then in central London and can get a bus or cab out to Hackney.

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im flyin to london on friday' date=' will they be ok with my bullet belt? also, does anyone know the cheapest way to get from luton airport to hackney? (nae walkin)[/quote']

dont bother taking it on your person or in your hand luggage, at best you'd spend an hour at security, at worst they'd not let you travel with it and offer you the option of not traveling on the particular flight or it ending up in the large perspex box of goodies they keep in the booth prior to security...

luton airport to hackny? there's a heap of crap bus services from the airport to a number of stations/ underground etc...pays yer money take yer choice...

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Do you mean




If you mean the first' date=' you're probably insane, and shouldn't fly. If you mean the second, I went through two international airports this week wearing one.[/quote']

haha i mean the top one....i think i'll maybe leave it at home. Im thinkin i'll get the shuttle bus then the train to kings cross and then get the tube... my sister is of the opinion that i'll get stabbed in hackney, but im more optimistic

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Should have got the megabus :D Although it takes 14 hours or something, its way less hassle, just jump on and you're off....none of this emptying your pockets, getting frisked, eating garbage tiny food, putting up with some wankers copy of the FT getting stuck in your eye, or 100 taxis from the airport to anywhere that resembles civilisation....

10 return or something, and a couple of quid for a tube ticket....winner!

Oh yeah...and I'd take the belt..no one wants to see you with your trousers falling down :D

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