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dragonforce the night boys and girls


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I was contemplating getting some kerrazy armour for it but i figured fuck it

Well up for Dragonforce the nicht.

Been looking forword to this for quite sometime.

Anyone guess a setlist?

I think it will be pretty much every song, except one or two.

When Dragonforce played the Cathouse it was something like a 2 hour set, you won't be disappointed - they are fucking awesome live. I might dig out a plastic sword muwahah.

Mendeed are (unfortunately) the only support... a terrible band :(

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OH MY GOD! that barrier fucking hurt! and im covered in everyone else's sweat, but damn ur rite...that was the best gig ever!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. armor + swords being confiscated = no battle pit *cries*

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I spent most of the gig laughing at that guys erratic facial expressions.

...the Dragonforce guitarist.

erre you would mean Sam Totman then?? I can definatley see that you like Power Metal though....

Anyway back to the gig, fucking awesome! Cathouse was definately better last year but that still ruled... Black Winter Night!! :rockon::rockon:

False metal is well and truly killed.

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