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Aluminum Babe...+...Frommars UKTOUR'05


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HelloThere people..

2 great bands on a uk tour sep/oct

see tour dates at the bottom....

Aluminum Babe:


(Radio1 Session booked for 28.09.05)

(debut UK single & album on Velocity Recordings)

From Mars:


(promoting their debut album 23 on 48v Recordings)

Aluminum Babe

Current e.p licenced to new MTV shows Rich Girls & Newly Weds & Fox TV Extreme Sports show Fuel

"Finally someone combines bubble pop hooks with raw punk power without sounding like anyone else" - New York Press

"Aluminum Babe's live show is explosive, a sexy tug-o-war between The Ramones and The Hives vs. Blondie and The Cardigans" - Inside NYC

From Mars

Frommars' angular guitar moorings manage to sound both energetic, restrained and unhinged...

like an unholy marriage of At The Drive In and The Cure - Radio 1

Awesome, jittery alt-pop, spooked-out Pixies stomps, more hooks than a meat-locker

- Voices From Downtroddendom

As punk as you like (and I like) the hasty speed of turn around has done nothing to

detract from the simple fact that this lot can write a cracking tune and then deliver their

songs with real power, a fair modicum of noise and no small amount of skill.

Go buy, go see and someone go sign - whisperinandhollerin.com

Their form of progressive post punk is some of the most exciting guitar music to come out of Newport in a very long time - Western Mail

Visit the link below for images info and music....


Burn your Money and Dance


22/09/05 Marrs Bar, Worcester

23/09/05 WA1, Warrington

24/09/05 tbc

25/09/05 Lipa University, Liverpool

26/09/05 Meze Lounge, Newport

27/09/05 WestOneFour, London

28/09/05 BBC Radio1 Session (Aluminum Babe) 29/09/05 The Junction, York

30/09/05 Soundhaus, Glasgow

01/10/05 The Moorings, Aberdeen

02/10/05 Whistle Binkies, Edinburgh

03/10/05 The Cooperage, Newcastle

04/10/05 The Brick Yard, Carlisle

05/10/05 Gilberts Bar, Wolverhampton

06/10/05 The Cellar, Oxford

Kind Regards






email: usfrommars@hotmail.com

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