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John Peel Day 13 Oct

The very first John Peel Day will take place on Thursday October 13th. The

day will be a celebration of John's life and massive contribution to music

and broadcasting with as many venues as possible staging gigs across the UK

under the banner of Peel Day.

Prior to this there will be a very special London gig organised by Radio 1

with details to be confirmed nearer the time.

How you can be involved!

We're encouraging as many people as possible to organise their own gig as a

tribute to John. This can be anything from a couple of unsigned bands down

the local pub to hiring an entire venue and booking some Happy Hardcore DJs!

It's entirely up to you.

If you are producing posters or fliers to promote the event you can download

a logo to use on them. We'd also like to hear about what you are organising.


Aye Yours

Alec Downie

New Music Development Officer


22 Jamaica Street


G1 4QD

W: 0141 221 6660

M: 0780 375 2913

H: 0141 427 5755

F: 0141 221 4171




"If it has more than 3 chords it's Jazz" - Lou Reed

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Tripcast Radio

I have organised a John Peel tribute podcast with several podcasters

around the UK contributing a short show with 2 songs of their choice

of new and upcomming bands, and it will be released on the 13th.

If any bands would like to record their own little 10-15 second

tribute to be included in it, then please get in contact. I can't

guarentee all will get in, as I want to try keep the whole podcast

around 1 hour, but I might have to go slightly over than depending on

the other podcaster's contributions.

Please just record them as MP3 and send them along.



Tane Piper - Producer/Presenter

Tripcast Radio - http://tripcast.blogspot.com/

E: tripcast@gmail.com

T: +44(0)131-208-0872

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