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Vegas Spears?


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it's entirely not true... it's just stupid ignorant media whore that don't understand pop music twisting things again.

jessica simpson had been offered a vegas deal, not la spears, but she's turned it down, the story then went around that britney was to be offered it instead on the back of the dukes of hazzard rumours, but end of story is that neither of them are going to have a vegas show. i wish cher would get one, that'd be kick ass, imagine the dead celebrities they could digitally recreate for her to sing i've got you babe with, the list is endless.

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I've just been watching Britney and Kevin Chaotic. She's absolutely nuts' date=' but I still think she's ace. I wouldn't expect anything less silly from Britney. Having said that, she could just be winding everyone up.[/quote']

you're avatar is the best! i want it!



also i thought this was quite funny: http://www.howmoon.com/

i've uploaded some mighty boosh pics too if anyone's interseted


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