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Johnny Panic + Radio Lucifer + The Welles @ The Tunnels, 22nd Sept


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Johnny Panic -

'Praise for debut album ' The Violent Dazzling ' :

"The songwriting on this debut is exceptional - they deserve to be heard by a mainstream audience" - Q

"The Johnnies have time to grow genius, and right now they're doing everything else perfectly." - NME

"Make no mistake - this is an exceptional debut album" XFM

"Plenty of pop appeal thanks to its fist-in-the-air energy, tight hooks and astute lyrical observations" - The Big Issue

"The Next Manics" Metro Scotland

"Infectious and hard hitting - JP have created an album to inspire and intrigue" - The Fly

"The keyword here is anthemnic. Fantastic songs." - Kerrang!

Plus Support from

Radio Lucifer

The Welles

Alpha Nine


5, 7PM

Tickets online from www.seetickets.com

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Guest Les Stroszek



Hey hate to be a dickhead and I'll probaly be accused of being one several times over for this but our name is spelt Stroszek and not Strozek. Seems a bit petty maybe but Im just trying to point this out not being a picky so-and-so honest!

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