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Fact: Where to begin? Since spiders are predators, they don't infest anything. Apparent sudden increases in population are really just temporary increases in activity, usually connected with mating. Since nearly all spiders are harmless and beneficial, it doesn't make much sense to talk about "controlling" them; the spiders themselves are the best pest controllers!

If for some hard-to-imagine reason a situation really does arise where spiders must be eliminated from an area, pesticides are definitely not the way to go. An honest, properly trained exterminator will tell you this, but there are far too many who are trained only in how to market and apply pesticide treatments. Spiders do not react as strongly to "residual" insecticides as insects do; these chemicals will kill the spiders contacted directly by the spray, and that's about all. Spiders are highly mobile and quickly repopulate any area from which they have been eliminated. And spider egg sacs are relatively impervious to pesticides.

Sticky traps (right) remove many more spiders than typical pesticide treatments, and have the added advantage of neither polluting the environment nor making your home toxic. But an even better technique is to physically exclude spiders from the space where you don't want them, by sealing gaps, cracks and openings of all kinds.

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I love jumping spiders, they are sooo amazing, completely different tot he normal "bumbling" spider, they almost have an awareness, and seem to watch you, I had one on the wall down here in london, and every time I moved my hand ( I was playing with it), it spun to the right and moved to the left...I lowered my arm, and he/she went back to it's original position...

if you saw the david Attenborough program about jumping spiders...wowee, amazing.

they even have eyes that swivel in their sockets.

they can problem solve too...

goes to show how fantastic these wee creatures are (not worthy of being squished).


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One time I was in Solid Gold and Marvel Superheroes had just come out on the Saturn and some first years was playing it and some first year said "Spider-Man is crap. If he has the power of a spider you could just step on him." but I pointed out it was the proportionate strength of a spider in a really snotty, indignant voice and thought I was cool but I was arguing about a 2D game on the Sega Saturn about superheros punching each other so I guess that kid won in the end.

My point is that spiders are pretty tough and are fast. If they were horse sized we would either be destroyed by them or maybe we would ride around on them and have fast races.

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It's like a scene out of team america!

EDIT: I thought it was basketball at first' date=' then I changed my mind to team america.

You know, the scene where there are dicks and pussies and assholes? You know the one.[/quote']

there's always the people that can't decide what team to be in too, "team barse" and the "team chin rest"

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