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The Ultimate Band


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Guest Scott 5FD
Originally posted by Leckie Gilman:

if thats who i think you're talking about i'm pretty sure it's meant to be smelly.

yeh your right, why was i thinking Stinky?

hmm.........i have no idea.

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Cliff Richard - lead vocals

Ronald McDonald - lead guitar

James Hetfield - rhythm guitar

Donatello* - bass

Diana Ross - drums and percussion

Stevie Wonder - keyboards

Also a backing choir of Dani Filth, the tooth fairy and Pee Wee Herman

* yes, I know he's only got two fingers on each hand but thats all you need to be a bassist.

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Guest operator zero

Trent Reznor - Vocals, Piano and Electronics

Mark Hunter (Chimaira) - Vocals

Devin Townsend (ocean machine, strapping young lad etc) - Vocals + guitar

Mark Lyons (Beecher) - Guitar

Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage) - Guitar

Ben Frost (Stampin' Ground) - Bass

Ben Keller (Converge) - Drums


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Vocals - Freddie Mercury

Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Angus Young

Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Brian May

Bass - John Enwistle

Drums - Roger Taylor


Vocals - Freddie Mercury

Guitar - Brian May

Bass - John Deacon

Drums - Roger Taylor

....yeah....Queen are The Ultimate Band

edit...shit, i had spelt Taylor wrong..

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Vocals - Hetfield & (Dire Straits Dude)

Guitars - Hammet + Jimi Hendrix + Jimi Page

B Guitar - The Lad from Iron Maiden

Keyboards - A big HELL YEAH for Stevie Wonder (backing vocals too)

Drums - Lars Ulrich & Eagles Drummer (also backing vocals)

DJ - Jazzy Jeff

that would be one weird ass sounding band hahaha !

whats the name of the drummer from Led Zep? he roxs too

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Originally posted by Doc Murray:

Michael Kiske - Vocals

Yngwie Malmsteen - Rythm & Lead Guitar

Stefan Elmgren (Hammerfall) - Rythm & Lead Guitar

Andre Olbrich (Blind Guardian) - Rythm & Lead Guitar

Marco Hietala (Nightwish) - Bass & Backing Vocals

Now THAT would kick ass...

Kick ass?? :angel:

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