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Howards Alias


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Some of you might have heard if problems with Howards Alias recently, and to a big degree they are true. They are still set to tour in October but there is a possibility this could be their final tour, definately with this line-up at least.

Dont think there is going to be any Scottish dates but I thought some peeps might like to know.

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you cant really blame them if they do split, touring for next to nothing and playing to very little people.

The uk underground deserves more. Its difficult to compete with the USA2UK scene.

that whole uk scene has but vanished, very sad.

whitmore have also just recently called it a day, who will be next?

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Who's that email from? Apparently the split rumour came from a (not sure if it's their) booking agent. Matt of the band said they weren't splitting up.

But yes, like so many others, they're not going to be able to compete with what's 'in' at this time no matter how much they tour or promote themselves. They have come out with 3 absolutely magic albums that show progression at its finest. Their live performances are superb and are the nicest bunch of guys you could meet. Perhaps the fact that they have other projects going on (Skylar & Matt's solo stuff) shows the want of a change in direction.

If this is true, it sucks. I'll be down to see them off for sure. There should be a Edinburgh/Glasgow date at least...

EDIT-- Hidden Talent sent that email, oopsy.

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