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the resurrection of EXODUS as a live venue....?

Dizzy Storm

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ARKADE PROJECTS are pleased to be doing the first gig to be held in EXODUS in aaaages (apart from Triptych shows)....if all goes well, expect more shows here....


USAISAMONSTER (usa) on the mighty mighty LOAD RECORDS (home of Lightning Bolt, Arab on Radar, Noxagt to name a few...)


RIOTMEN - Riotmen are from Milton Keynes, and are a loud punk rock band, influenced by Shellac, Jesus Lizard, Don caballero, Fugazi, the Ex, Big Black, sonic youth etc... www.myspace.com/riotmen

see ARKADE PROJECTS/GIG EVENT & ANNOUNCEMENT forums for more details

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The main reason gigs stopped happening there in the past was because it took too long dismantling the stage and removing the equipment before the club nights started. Hopefully that won't be a problem this time round.

nah wont be a problem, no stage for a start, and minimal PA!! we'll probably use the kinda 'alcove' bit over on the right, bands will be set up pretty much on the floor...therefore still maintaining that 'up close n personal/in yer face' feel that we love...!! :rockon:

looking forward to it!!! :D

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I always thought bands playing in the alcove was shit. both to watch and to play in. If you're playing in there it feels like you're in a cage away from the audience, and if you're watching the view is rubbish from everywhere except directly in front of it. But playing on the dancefloor cuts the capacity, so it's 6 of one I suppose.

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NURSES at www.myspace.com/riotmen

also fans of MACROCOSMICA, BLACK SABBATH, WINEBAGO DEAL with the madcap sounds of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART...check out

and USAISAMONSTER at http://www.loadrecords.com/sound/usaisamonster_anal-lies.mp3

we think they are ace...let us know what you think!!


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