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I invite y'all to consider allying (non-exclusively) with beAudible.com for digital distribution. My name is Sigmund Elias Holm, CEO/founder of www.beaudible.com. I am an Independent Content Provider for a different, and innovating music downloadservice called Weed, developed by Shared Media Licensing Inc. .

beAudible.com is a premier provider of digital music distribution systems for independent artists and labels. Simply sell your music from our Download Site, or go one step further. Through the Weed Service you can sell music from your own website, and also embrace p2p-networks as a safe, efficient and secure distribution channel. Weed is the first technology that encourages file sharing and makes payments to musicians at the same time!

You set the price for your music. There is no cost to get your audio files published and distributed through our service. Hence, any sale is 100% profit.

Weed Files are a legal way to download and share music, buying only what you like after three free listens. Then the file automatically locks. The biggest distinction with Weed is that the store is in the file. The e-commerce system works by linking the rightsholder's ID and those of the last three purchasers to the file. Whether songs are spread through p2p programs, distributed on sites, emailed etc. it is 100% legal.

We pay 50% of every song sold directly to the rightsholder, meanwhile 35% is divided among the ones who share the songs (the last three purchasers) and 15% goes to Weedshare for maintaining the system. Weed lets you know where the money goes!

Weed currently offers a free $5 account balance with every new account, so your fans can start getting your music quickly and easily.

I hope you will consider this offer! Please contact me for further information.


Sigmund Elias Holm

Expand access to your content.

Connect directly with your audience.

Sell music from your own website.

Join beAudible.com! !

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Guest Main Agent

Well siggy spammer, you have come to the right place, after all, this is in fact the world centre of puritanical capitalist righteousness.

I'm sure you'll find a few greedy sign ups here.

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Yeah Main Agent. I don't think it's greedy if a musician wants to make a few buck for her or his hard work.... This distribution system is tailored for independent artists; get your music heard, share it freely, and earn for a living or a pint. No inital costs.

It's fair to listeners as well. You can play complete songs 3 times for free. In addition you earn commissions sharing the music you like - respecting the musicians' rights. No need for a superstore, when word of mouth and sharing your music take you longer.


Siggy Spammer,

Founder, beAudible.com


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