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somebody book whitmore on this tour

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theres a lot better bands in the UK like Freaks Union' date=' Sonic Boom Six, The Dauntless Elite etc[/quote']

Having not heard freaks union or dauntless elite; i can't judge them. sb6 are awesome; but very different to whitmore.

Not the point if other bands are better or not - whitmore are still class.

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I personally think they are shit and don't see the charm in them but whitmore wouldn't draw like they have done in previous years when they were the 'thing' going at the moment. Now all the kids are into the generic bands who label themselves emo and feel they need to scream, Whitmore are pushed to the side so booking them would be a little bit of a risk.

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Yeah but I guess what Camie means is ska-punk just isn't cool nowadays.

Yeah, I'd agree with that - these days whats cool is avril lavignes backing band (simple plan, good charlotte etc) and emo (i still like emo).

Whitmore aren't quite ska-punk....their more a mix of stuff that sounds whitmore-ish

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