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I've had a few. I generally buy second hand thoguh and at or lower than market value, so I never really lose money.

I've had:

JCM 2000 DSL 201 combo - too wussy

Marshall JMP 50W combo (then made into head) - pretty sweet, but felt limited by single channel and amount of buzz you got

ENGL Thunder - very nice, no probs but had opportunity to get a cheap Mesa so sold it to JOn form my band since his amp at the time sucked. Still use it occasionally.

Orange OR80 - too much amp for me, and had no attenuator at teh time. Bought for 200 as a chassis, got a matamp headshell for 75 and sold for 600.

Mesa F-50 - nice amp, but having reliability problems. Got it in states for 400 and then 30 for the step down transformer. Will probably be selling it sometime soon once the tech gets it all fixed up.

Peavey Classic 30 which I swapped Jon from my band for the 'War" Marhsall cab. Still sits in our practice room

ZVEX nano 0.5 W head - it was cool for the house, but had bills to pay so had to sell it. Will get another one day.

The matamp cab ws 165 second hand from a guy on the matamp boards. They are 249 new. Quite a lot of good deals on those boards.


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