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Punk/hardcore/metal/alternative stores?


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Guest bluesxman
One Up's your one-stop shop for everything you need. It's on Belmont Street' date=' just off Union Street. The Tunnels record shop on Carnegie Brae is great if you're looking for good vinyl.[/quote']

Look in FOPP first, just on the corner up from One Up. Chances are you will find something in the five pound section which will be much cheaper than in One Up. Second hand section in One Up always worth a look though.

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Hello' date='

I'm visiting Aberdeen next week. Where do I buy music? Are there any all alternative record stores? Any good second hand stores?


Definitely The Tunnels. From the centre of town find Marks and Spencers which is near the bottom (depending on what way you're looking) the end of union street closer to the train/bus station etc. There is a big crossing where on one side there is a big open space that leads to the towns main shopping centres, you will see a sort of path that creeps to the side of Marks and Spencers (can't miss it, huge building) follow this path and then turn right and go down the hill into the tunnel....walk on a bit and you'll find it on the right (seriously, this is not a ploy to get tourists down there to mug them!)

Some great punk / hardcore / metal can be found....bring your wallet!

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