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H.P Lovecraft

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in the last few years i really got into this guys writing and noticed recently how sad it was so few of his stories have been made into films etc. Theres meant to be a damn fine film version of dagon however, which i plan to watch soonish, and i also hear one of his finest stories ever (at the mountains of madness) is to be made into an anime feature (or is already in the pipeline) I realise his writing isn't for everyone, but i urge anyone into gothic and dark literature to try him out. Some of his other tales would make better films than a hell of a lot of the so called horror genre thats around nowadays. I also feel a lot of the newer japanese horror flicks are definitely using elements that he originated.

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There was a movie adaption of the Dunwich Horror starring Dean Stockwell in the Seventies, it was terrible:


And a TV movie called Necronomicon that adapted Shadow Over Insmouth and a coupl'a others:


It wasn't great either, but I have both on video somewhere...

I love, er, Lovecraft. Did my RPR in Higher English on him. I'd highly recommend also.

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