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I think there should be some sort of listing of local bands, and links to there websites etc..

i know there is aubl, but it's shite, and there are heaps of lil bands on the forums, that are on my space, and it would be good to be able to have links to them to hear their music, and a bit about the band....

Think it would also help to promote gigs n stuff...

..sorry don't think this makes much sense but i know what i mean... :help:

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One thing I do have down on my "to-do" list is a Links Directory section of the web site which would no doubt have a local bands section. But this wouldn't try to do the same as the band pages on the AUBL web site - it would just simply link to the band's web site or their page on AUBL. But I guess it would be a listing of sorts.

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