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29th @ Cellar 35: Paper Cut Out/Charlottefield/PVH

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This is a plea for everyone to go to this gig...you may not have heard of Paper Cut Out or Charlottefield....but trust me they are both very very very good...

Goto to the Arkade Forum for more info....i suspect it will be 8pm doors and about 4 to get in....

Honestly....they are both so fucking good...

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Well can I tell you that one of interesting music's main agents has said that CHARLOTTEFIELD is her favourite new band over the last couple of years.

On no accounts miss this unique & intimate opportunity, to test the credibility of

this stament. (& i didn't mention fatcat records once) woops

Nice one Arkade, were there.


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Oh yeah...we have a new song for your ears aswell....obviously you will have to attend to hear it....it will be in the vein of the direction we will be taking as a band over the coming months (rooting out the old pish and in with some fresh stuff).....Charlottlefield are infinitly good...and they come highly recommened by Cat On Form, which is good enough for me....and the Paper Cut Out demo i have listened to is fantastic....

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