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Road works!


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I have to get changed at 7 dude! Like I'm going to be seen in public in a Holiday Inn uniform...

Anyway I left at 7.10, the only good thing that happened this morning was getting to see the shocked look on a womans face when she tooted her horn at me and I rolled down the window and yelled FUCK YOU while giving her the finger.

Oh and also the poop, which I'd held in for two hours was nice.

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yeah the road works suck. I made it most of the way to work up anderson drive without any problems. road was a bit busier than normal, but nothing major. Was wondering what all the fuss on the radio was about when I hit the parkway. It took me 15 mins to get from Buckie Farm to Balgownie road. Crazy. Apparently the parkway was at a standstill from ellon road all the way to tesco at times.

Only another 13 days of this to go.

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