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Year Of The Volunteer


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I help out at my local Brownies.

But they all bully me. And ask me really personal perverted questions, for 8 year olds.

But I got my own back by telling them I was getting married, and that they could all be my bridesmaids, and they got really excited.


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i am thinking about doing some maybe at a womans refuge but not sure.

My mother did that for a while, but she wasn't a volunteer, she was like one of the big people for Women's Aid I think.

I don't volunteer, but I have nice chats with the charity people on Union Street sometimes. One of my friends volunteers at Childline a few hours a week, which seems like the kinda thing I'd be more inclined to do. I can imagine feeling quite satisfied after helping people, but I've been told there are some scary situations of people who call up right after necking a packet of paracetamol.

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