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experimental singing building in aberdeen?


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hi everyone,

i've come across the most amazing thing. on the pier

near my flat, they're constructing a new building for

the local harbor officials. it's right on the edge of

the pier, so it gets the full gale of wind coming off

of the north sea. the other day i was walking my dog

and as i approached the beach i heard this amazing,

angelic sound carried by the wind. i didn't know what

it was but as i got closer to the semi-built building

i realized that the 100's of open pipes in the

structure were creating a wind harp of sorts.

i snuck out there that night around midnight and

recorded it using a dat and zeppelin, but the wind was

pretty load, as well as the sea.

when i got home and struggled to eq the track to

somehow capture what i could easily hear 10 feet from

my front door, i was reminded of talking to a

photographer friend of mine one night on the beach.

the sun was setting about 2am (it stays light here for

a long time in the summer!) and she mentioned how she

had tried to capture sights like that on film but

eventually realized the futility of it. you just

can't encapsulate the beauty of some things, not all

the time anyway.

this is how i feel about the sound of this building.

in any case, here is a short mp3 of it:


and here is the same mp3 but with only the sound of

the building and everything else filtered


and here are some pix:







hope you enjoy.



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That's incredible. The cresendos with the rising/falling wind are beautiful. I prefer the one with all the wind noise. :gringo:

yeah, i'm not sure about which one i like most...i wish i had a full hour recorded without extra noise (of me scaling the fence in the dark with a big fluffy mic!)...it's hard to really capture what it's like to stand infront of this building with it SINGING! all around you. i definitely recommend to everyone to try to hear it before the added boards/construction cuts the pipes off from the wind. it's right next to the silver darling in footdee. i was out there today, but no singing..it has to be pretty windy to get it to do it.


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thats really incredible. What is the silver darling? I know where fittie is' date=' but not anything about this silver darling.[/quote']

i think that's the right name...it's the name of the restaurant on the edge of fittie...looks like a light house, supposed to be expensive as hell (to think i almost went in there when i moved here in november 'to hang out') god save me, i found drakes instead :)

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Whooodiman? Youdiman!

See what happens when you unplug the ipod from the head an listen... I love the sound of a city, most of the time. I do not refer to the weekend on Union strasse!!!

I'm off to dust down my mic and chrage the battery on my minidisk recorder... and record useless shite most likely!!! 'oooooh well done Jim you recorded a fucking seagul!"

Nice Bill... Although, the thought of a Texan scaling a fence at night by the harbour with a fluffy thing in his hand and moaning in the background concerns me...



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Guest lime ruined my life

i think the best thing about it in the unfiltered version, is it leaves your mind open to fill in certain things, im sure i was filling in chords that wern't actually there.

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Guest lime ruined my life

the last gavfest scarred me.

Seriously, i know everyone says it, but it's true.

maybe this time we should go swimming in that bog, before driving around a field at less than 1 mph drunk, drinking wine, covered in blood, and brains.

i drank so much...

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Guest Gasss

I woke up to find my tent flat on my face because Lime had destroyed it during the night. Gavfest scarred me in other ways I can't possibly understand.

Anyway, Prof Lofi for Gavfest 2! :love:

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