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So, please enlighten me. What is your opinion on hype. It confuses me.

Some bands try hype and they fall flat in their faces. Other bands are branded as cocky fuckers and some actually thrive (and gain) from hype.

My band get great reviews regarding our new tune (yes its rough, its recorded live) and thats the end of that but we dont try to have a gimmick etc. Should we? I dont think so.

Ok, a semi rant but I really feel that a cocky band is not a bad thing. Why not have belief in your ablities?

Im not looking for an arguement. Just a decent debate about this.

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Guest Page 99


Hype can be a good thing, but it can also be a very very bad thing. I think what the thing to do is sensible self promotion, plug shows and recordings, but don't make it seem like you are god's gift to music. That leads to people thinking you are arogant arseholes.

From my band's point of view, I don't think we've ever really plugged our gigs at all. One mention once in a while, but otherwise nothing. I guess this could be down to our unconfidence as people and in our bands appeal.

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Depends on the style of hype, if it's NME saying 'The Music' are the saviours of rock, then it's a joke. If it's mental self-hype hysteria like Sigue Sigue Sputnik, then it's funny.

It can work though, the Manics pretty much based their early career on creating as much hype as possible from their bedrooms and when they started releasing stuff, everyone was interested and they ended up signed to Sony.

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My reckoning is, if a band 'hype' themself; it will be seen as an over stated sense of self importance and doomed to failure, most of the time. If however, someone else, a third non related party gets in on the action then this is where the band good or bad will most likely be okay...or survive anyway.

Hype (slang): intense or exaggereated publicity or sales promotion.

Exaggerated is a fine choice of dictionary description.

Nowt wrong with confident self promotion if you believe in what you do (and a few others too)

J :D

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Guest b-bert

hype is generally bad or wrong.

how often if you say you like metal does someone say do you like slipknot.

Also ANDREW WK was hailed as the saviour of rock/metal.

Surely for publicity you should hope your music is good enough that word spreads

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Red By Choice!

Most hyped band in Aberdeen EVER!

Were they any good? Who cares

First gig had Exodus almost SOLD OUT and people going crazy.

Hype is very very important in the whole music industry nowadays. Hype helps to have a constantly rejuvinating new music scene.

The down side to this is that a band can end up being booked to play the SECC based on 1 single when the previous tour was at the Barfly in Glasgow.

It means that bands no longer mature and seem to hit it big on their third album. Snow Patrol being obvious exceptions as there are always exceptions.

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If it's mental self-hype hysteria like Sigue Sigue Sputnik' date=' then it's funny.


I really like that style of hype. See also Fischerspooner. Its funny and clever. Most people seem to get pissed off/feel a bit insecure about it which makes it even funnier. But hey thats cos most punters prefer their musicians to be the safe shy sensitive types. :sleeping:

Its also entertaining even if the band are shit too. Like Rachel Stamp.

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