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Gavfest 2005 is still on the lookout to confirm more acts...if you have a decent band and are interested please send an e-mail to Gavin at gavfest@hotmail.com

For information on Gavfest please visit the Valentine Bitch website.

Basic details are:

20th August 2005

@ Mill of Uras (slightly south of Stonehaven)

Line up: (in no order)

Hookers Green #1

Copy HaHo


Popcorn Fiend



Saint Maybe


Project: Ven-Hell

So basically....e-mail him and see what happens....

If your not in a band...then book this day (and the next) off work because last years Gavfest was a fucking riot....

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Gavfest is a busy time of year for old father Gavfest. I will reply to your emails when I get a chance.

To make the line up more diverse for now I am saving a space for an Electronica band but there doesn't seem to be too many around. If anyone knows of any who might be interested please let me know. If I don't find an electronic band then there may still be a space so you could email just in case. Even if you don't get on the line up then please feel free to mail gavfest@hotmail.com for a free ticket and join the party. Thanks

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Guest bluesxman
Are we in then?

Nope! Unless we can take a new electronica direction....I think my old Casio VL tone is kicking about somewhere - cover of Da Da Da? Or The Bloodhound Gang's A Lap Dance Is So Much Better If The Stripper Is Crying?

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