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Vantage Point - Saturday 16th July @ The Moorings


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I actually already posted about this gig in the Moorings section. But figured that people might look in this forum a bit more.

So will just mention that my band, Vantage Point, are playing at the Moorings this coming Saturday, 16th of July. We are from Edinburgh and are basically a traditional Metal band, influenced by the likes of Priest and Maiden. You can find out more at our website and you can hear our songs from our myspace

What others have said about us:

From the chunky riffing of Motor Man, which actually features the words pedal to the metal through the mid-tempo, melodic, Save Me onto the full blown Priest like histrionics of High Plains Drifter, I enjoyed every moment. MetalUk.com

Heavy metal like this seems to be missing from the world of metal today- more is needed!! Metalzine Machine

Bassist and singer Murray has that classic Biff Byford combination of thunking bass and triumphant metal arm gestures down to a T, whilst the guitarists content themselves with striking axeman poses in the background. In fact never before have I seen quite so much heavy metal posturing squeezed into such a tiny space. Elaine MacIntyre.Net

Hope to see some of you on the 16th.



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